Ballaghaderreen, Roscommon Syrian Refugee

Watch the beginning of Ireland’s fall in Ballaghaderreen

Insiders report to the Irish Right that hotels in Ireland are being paid up €400 to house each immigrant in their hotels.

It is said by daycent lads who give a shit about Ireland that;“These hotel owners are pure shitty-arses who are hungry for cash over character – disgusting unprincipled fags (not actual gays who are mostly sound) they are…”.

The Department of Justice told local representatives about the plans to transform a former hotel into an emergency reception and orientation centre on Thursday; “Roscommon county councillors met with officials earlier today to discuss the plans, which will see the refugees arrive in Ballaghaderreen in the coming days. Some local people, who did not want to be identified, said there is a worry that the schools and infrastructure in the area may be put under pressure.”

She added: “This morning I’ve got numerous calls and messages from locals who are concerned that there is not proper plans in place to deal with the imminent arrival of these people.”

But Andrew Durkin of Durkin’s Bar and Restaurant said he was surprised by negative comments online. He (like a total queerballs) said: “Facebook has gone crazy about it and what annoyed me about it was the people in Ballaghaderreen who are against it, the few people that are against it that I saw on Facebook, they aren’t local people at all.”

We understand from Durkin’s comments that he’s a wealthy chap who won’t directly have to put up with the refugee’s near his home –  even when all the girls in his town get gang raped.

Nice principles Durkin.

Here’s his hotel’s website if you want to send him encouraging messages about his great decision to invite anti-gay, anti-women and mostly thick cunts from the middle-east:

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