We are the State's big brother

We are the State’s big brother

Whenever the term “Big Brother” is invoked I imagine armoured, booted goons commanding the citizens of a city. ID tags, retina scanners and all but what’s explicitly permitted being treated as crime.

That is, until right now.

The truth is that the principled and conservative right, some of the alt-right (or alt-lite) and philosophical anarchists are the State’s big brother – in the most literal sense. We often rail against the State, whether we want minimal government or none at all.

Many opponents of the State have come to support the State’s use of border control and job creating tariffs. We’ve had an apparent rebirth as folk who are now in favour of certain government actions. But it is just that: apparent.

In reality, it is the policy of western states to turn immigration into a government program. Using welfare to import otherwise useless foreign actors (as opposed to competent and driven immigrants), the State is still our problem.

This current phase in our amazing human history has us “older brothers” of the State coercing his arm to slap himself in the face, stopping all but short of saying, “Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself”. Us anarchists and contrarians have done just that over this past two years or so.

It’s not that we’re in favour of the State all of a sudden. Rather, it’s that we’re teaching our younger brother a lesson in his foolishness (though somewhat as a bully). Where once our younger and naive younger brother foolishly tried to benefit by pulling one over on reason and logic – we are now wet-willying and wedgying our way toward teaching him a lesson.

The metaphor ends when he, and perhaps us, comes of age. Then we go back to being enemies. Until then, the State is our younger brother. We are big brother.

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