Hate facts from the Emerald Isle

Watch the beginning of Ireland’s fall in Ballaghaderreen

Ballaghaderreen, Roscommon Syrian Refugee

Insiders report to the Irish Right that hotels in Ireland are being paid up €400 to house each immigrant in their hotels.

It is said by daycent lads who give a shit about Ireland that;“These hotel owners are pure shitty-arses who are hungry for cash over character – disgusting unprincipled fags (not actual gays who are mostly sound) they are…”.

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Mandatory first post, but by no means irrelevant…

Gavin McInnes

2016 was a bananas year for anyone who gives a shit. This site is an emergent property of what happened.

The Irish media landscape is, let’s be honest, full of cunt-bastards who are made entirely of estrogen – women who are out of control and men who are filled with sperm that they want to pass of to them by pretending to be feminist. I have at least 50 articles planned for the next few months that are about 900% better planned out than this introductory tripe.

So, let’s wait and see what amazingly good shite I have to bang out over the next year. Looking forward to your kind comments ya’ll!

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