Obama was the worst

Obama and Biden grandstand for some reason…

Barack Obama and Joe Biden both quoted Irish poets in their speeches at the ceremony honouring Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in Washington DC on Thursday.

The reason given was that Biden was “a total fag-arse who contributed literally below zero – but look at his dozey, shit-eating grin – isn’t he endearing”.

President Obama surprised his Vice President with the honour, and in a lengthy speech about his colleague and close friend, he quoted W.B. Yeats. Some balls on Obama all the same seeing as he demolished the U.S. economy, paving the path for Trump to step up to the Presidential plate.

Obama joked that he had to quote an Irish poet in his speech, but that he could not use a famous Seamus Heaney line as Biden often looks to the Northern Irishman for his own addresses. This was obviously ironic.

“As Yeats put it – destroy the working class, force them to pay mad money through co-pays for health insurance, and slaughter the towel heads while preaching peace – that’ll show ’em!” Obama told the crowd.

During his own speech, Biden did turn to Heaney quoting a line from his poem From The Republic of Conscience.

“And Seamus Heaney in one of his poems said – when you can find someone who says it better, use it – he said, ‘You carried your own burden and very soon, your symptoms of creeping privilege disappeared’,” Biden said – proving the dialogue was scripted and NOT spontaneous, like a total actor-noob.


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