Syrian children immigrants

Most of them children… LOL

From The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) announcement that an Emergency Reception and Orientation Centre (EROC) for refugees is to be established in the town garnered national headlines and unleashed something of a media storm in the area.”

“There will be at least 80 people as part of the first tranche of arrivals, most of them children, most of them Syrian, with that number probably rising to 240 (though not all remaining at the same time).

I’m going to do a mad prediction here: they will not be mostly children.

Let’s check in shortly with our new neighbors – the post-twenty rapey chaps who’d rather leave their homeland than fight the taliban, ISIS, or whichever group of sub-80 IQ dumbcunts threaten their family.

Being an Irishman, I know what it means to stand and fight for your homeland (I know, I heard it too but shut up, you’re ma’s a cliché). Let’s help the daycent lads over in the middle-east do the same – I know ye’re out there.


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