Gay is boring, gays are not

No one cares that gays like to shag their own gender. Please liberals and lefties, for the love of God, chill with the TMI personal sex life banter.

Some of my favourite people in the world, both living and dead, were men who liked to ride other men. But I didn’t like them because of that. I liked them because there’s something very respectable about the psyche of a man who has to cleverly hide his own sexual preferences while repelling the oppressive bullies who seem to target the more creative and flamboyant types.

With the significant decline of the church and rapid cultural acceptance of sexuality – sexual preference is no longer a legitimate political impetus. I find that actual homosexuals keep to themselves anyway.

It’s the the hapless virtue-signallers, failed predators who couldn’t muster the adrenaline, nor intellect to at least be serial killers (or executive bankers) that affix themselves to the “downtrodden, disenfranchised” homosexuals – which do not exist in the west (though it was once the case) for their fix of purpose.

On behalf of western gays (who are my friends), I have one statement to make… to the left, liberals and social justice warriors of all shapes and sizes (who are not my friends); please stop talking about homosexuality.

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