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Bus Eireann drivers learn their place

When you’re part of union you’re telling the world one of two things:

A. You are below the age of 25 and are still trying to find your place;

B. You are a total Bus Eireann fagdick who doesn’t spend any time learning, upskilling and negotiating.

Dear bus drivers,

Please get employment elsewhere to save on the firing process. You are not more important than literally ANYONE. You are the worst people in Ireland right now. Die or something. Thanks.

We are the State’s big brother

We are the State's big brother

Whenever the term “Big Brother” is invoked I imagine armoured, booted goons commanding the citizens of a city. ID tags, retina scanners and all but what’s explicitly permitted being treated as crime.

That is, until right now.

The truth is that the principled and conservative right, some of the alt-right (or alt-lite) and philosophical anarchists are the State’s big brother – in the most literal sense. We often rail against the State, whether we want minimal government or none at all.

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